Sinclair Landscaping has been serving the Pasadena, Arcadia San Marino area since 1964.


Your home is the biggest single investment you will make in your lifetime. You take great pride in it, and your yard should reflect that. This is the place where you will raise your family and greet your grandchildren. You may decide to hand it down to the next generation. Your business is just as important. A manicured lawn outside of your office building creates a welcoming atmosphere for your clients. Let us make both as beautiful and welcoming outside as you make them inside.

Landscaping uses the natural elements of your yard, for example, the trees, natural stone, and slopes, and creates structures to help augment, change, or emphasize these natural features. Sinclair Landscaping can create a shade garden among your favorite grove of trees, outline your pool with attractive ferns and flowers, or create a flower garden to feature the beautiful statuette you found, by chance, at a local garage sale.

Sinclair Landscaping Inc. has been providing residential and commercial clients with quality, integrity, and service for over 50 years. As a family-owned and operated company, we take great pride in our work and the excellent service we provide you. Discover the many landscaping services we offer and see the difference that Sinclair Landscaping can make to your home.



Best and most affordable lawn maintenance.


Sinclair Landscaping constitutes garden design, horticulture, botany and artisan elements into its work. We compose a plan specific to the customers desires for hardscaping and landscaping. Our projects are done with professionalism and in a timely manner.




As a landscaping company located in Pasadena, The City of Roses, it’s no surprise that we pay close attention to detail when working on a garden.



Aesthetically appealing lawns are not a simple task. Sinclair Landscaping plants every bit of knowledge into it’s lawn services.

Hillside Restoration


Sinclair Landscaping are Hillside Restoration experts. With numerous California projects under our belt, we can be trusted to secure proper land slope retrofitting.



Landscaping maintenance sounds simple but in reality, proper up-keeping of a your garden involves far more than mowing the lawn and trimming shrub.
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